There was one symptom that came back during my treatment with Dr Amir and I’m so grateful it did. 

One of the first symptoms I experienced when I was 28 that prompted me to seek medical attention was Lhermitte’s sign, i.e., when I bent my head forward I felt tingling all down my back and the back of my legs.  In September 2012, nearly 3 years since I’d had any exacerbations or any signs of having MS at all, my Lhermitte’s ‘scar’ reappeared during a particularly stressful time and I felt deflated. 

I made an appointment with Dr Amir, and he made a new brace for me while I waited.  Just before retiring that night, I felt the Lhermitte’s ‘scar’ and it reminded me to use the new brace for the instructed two minutes. 

Afterwards, I bent my head and the Lhermitte’s sign had completely disappeared and remained so.  My ‘scar’ had healed in two minutes flat.  As it sank in and I considered all I had thought about MS in light of this new ‘evidence’, I actually started to cry, a rare occurrence, because I knew at that moment that 22 years of fear, and hope, and of being careful; and my mother’s tears of fear for my potential bed-ridden life had been unnecessary. 

My jaw had needed to be realigned; I knew in my heart I had never had 'multiple sclerosis.'

I felt relief and then anger and then gratefulness. Gratefulness that I had had the fortune to cross paths with Dr. Amir, a new thinker, who has changed my life experience.

One woman's 19 year journey to a symptom-free life.


MS Jaw Cure is a story about MS alignment, oxygen, and the help of Dr Amir from Putney, London.




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